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Branding Colors and a Couple to Spare

Starting a business? Got a logo in mind? Perfect!

Now, what's your company's color palette?

Don't have one yet or limited to your logo colors? You might consider identifying a few more complimentary colors for things like:

  • Company vehicle color

  • Dark and light website backgrounds

  • Business cards

  • Company attire

After coming to terms with the fact that we’re better engineers than artists, we stumbled upon a great web app at that generates color schemes on the fly. You can generate a 5-color palette using your logo colors, an uploaded picture, or just keep generating random palettes until something catches your eye.


Space through random palettes

Save your favorites

Once you've got a palette you're happy with, you can export it to a PDF complete with HEX, RGB, HSV, and CMYK values for each color!


Save your palette

Common color value formats included

Doug Pottermarketing